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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Lauren - Founder of Becoming Vegans

Hello and welcome to the new Becoming Vegans blog! My name is Lauren and I'm a lifestyle blogger and digital marketer who lives just outside of London. I love to write, I love to travel and I'm on a mission to live as sustainably as possible. This blog is where I'd like to share this mission, in the hope that it will inspire other people to do so too.

I turned vegan in October 2018, after being vegetarian for a couple of years before that. I didn't go cold turkey (lol) when I decided to go vegan, but I told myself I'd make it a slow transition so I could get used to such a big change in my diet. To help me with this slow transition, I created my dedicated Instagram account, @becomingvegans so that I could share my progress in going from living a vegetarian diet to a purely plant based one.

Having been vegan for around six months now and having found such an interesting community of people through this new Instagram account, I have fallen a bit in love with, well, everything! Where previously I hated cooking and had no interest in the foods I was putting in my body, I not can't get enough of putting together new recipes in the kitchen and learning about the different ingredients. Where six months ago I hated the way I looked and thought that my body was an ugly and disproportionate shape, I now quite like its lumps, bumps and curves.

Becoming vegan has taught me to love myself a little bit more, its taught me to respect my body and what I put into it, it's made me feel more connected to this planet which we call our home and it's made me want to do all that I can to save it from the climate disaster which we're currently forcing it into.

Blogging and writing has always been something which I've had a great love for. I've been blogging for about 6 years now over on my lifestyle blog laurenevie.co.uk (which, granted, I'm not very good at updating anymore!) and all other aspects of my life involve writing too (my job, my freelance work, my hobbies in my spare time).

And so, I thought, why not combine these two loves? My new love for sharing my journey in veganism and sustainability with my love for putting words on paper? That's how the idea for this blog was born. I want this to be a place where I can share my love for all of these things and hopefully help other people to love them too.

On this blog, you'll find a variety of different topics, and I'm hoping this variety will only increase over time. For now, it'll be a place where I share my discoveries in sustainability and new ways which we can all work to make our daily routines slightly more ethical. It'll also be a place where I talk about new vegan finds which excite me, whether that's a restaurant, a recipe, or simply a new vegan meal deal option in Boots.

I started my becomingvegans Instagram account to share my journey with anyone else who would listen, making that journey easier for myself and hopefully making it easier for other people too. And now, I'm starting this blog for the exact same reasons.

 We have one planet. One home. And a very small window to save it. This is my attempt at doing just that.

Welcome to Becoming Vegans.

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